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Larry Dann's acting career began with a knock on the door, when a seven year old schoolboy was talent scouted by London's Corona Academy and invited to be in a film shooting at Denham Studios. This was the start of a career that saw him perform in hundreds of stage productions all over the world, star in four of the iconic "Carry On" movies and become a household name as Sgt. Alec Peters in ITV's "The Bill".

In this highly entertaining autobiography, Larry recalls his 70-year career in showbiz, from dodging school to make movies, joining Joan Littlewood's groundbreaking Theatre Workshop, performing in the West End and on Broadway, starring in the cult horror movie "Ghost Story", nicking villains on the streets of Sun Hill and getting the custard pie treatment from Sooty & Sweep.

As well as sharing the extraordinary highs and lows that an acting career can bring, this beautifully crafted memoir also tells the story of a young boy growing up in London during the Second World War, with a father fighting for his country and a mother dreaming of stardom. From working with villains in the East End to sleeping with cockroaches in New York, from personal tragedies to happy accidents, Larry has shared many of these adventures with Liz, his wife of 50 years, and we are proud to announce this book on their golden wedding anniversary.

Featuring a special introduction by fellow legend Brian Murphy and dozens of rare photographs capturing Larry's life and career, "Oh, What A Lovely Memoir" will be published in December 2023 and the paperbacks are available to pre-order now!

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