Witness Statements: Making The Bill Series 1-3

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"Witness Statements is an invaluable book which comes highly recommended." - Archive TV Musings

£12.99 (Amazon £14.99)

Go behind the scenes of "The Bill" as 40 cast and crew share their memories of making the first three series and the "Woodentop" pilot. Featuring interviews with Sun Hill legends John Salthouse (D.I. Galloway), Eric Richard (Sgt. Cryer), Mark Wingett (P.C. Carver) Trudie Goodwin (W.P.C. Ackland), Jon Iles (D.C. Dashwood), Colin Blumenau (P.C. Edwards), Nula Conwell (W.P.C. Martella), Larry Dann (Sgt. Peters), Ralph Brown (P.C. Muswell), Graham Cole (P.C. Stamp), Ashley Gunstock (P.C. Frank), Robert Hudson (P.C. Smith), Mark Powley (P.C. Melvin), Peter Ellis (Chief Supt. Brownlow) and Chris Ellison (D.S. Burnside), plus guest stars, writers, directors and many more members of the production team.

This 192-page book, signed by the author, also features 18 rare, previously unreleased behind the scenes photograph, plus ratings published for the first time!

"An unmissable read for anyone who is interested in The Bill or the history of British television." - We Are Cult